Rental Period

Rental term is monthly and is paid in advance from the move-in date.

LONG TERM RENTALS – Ask our staff about discounts for 6 months and 1 year in advance payments.

Reserve A Unit

By phone, email or visit us in person.

Please feel welcome to call in and view the unit prior to move-in.

Where required we can recommend a removalist for house-lots or larger quantities.

For small to medium quantities, we have a 6m³ trailer available for hire to customers who would prefer to transport items themselves.

HELPFUL HINT for estimating time-frames for moving

Usually you can expect it to take 1 hour per 10 cubic metres, so a 10cubic metre unit will take at least an hour to load and an hour to unload, a 30 cubic metre would take 3 hours to load up and 3 to unload.

Complete A Self Storage Licence Agreement

Important note: Goods will not be received into Cascade Storage unless we have received a filled-out and signed Self Storage Licence Agreement Form. If you cannot be present on the day goods are moved in, or have arranged for other people to move the goods for you, please contact us to arrange pick-up or postage of a Self Storage Licence Agreement before the move-in date. Alternatively, on the day of moving in to the unit, simply read, complete, sign and email a Self Storage Licence Agreement form. A copy of the signed Agreement will be provided for your records.

Please note where there is more than one owner of the goods in storage: Both/All parties should sign the Agreement. Additionally the owner/storer(s) can also take the option to nominate other person(s) such as family members as key-holders who can then access the unit on their behalf. This can be useful in cases where the Storer is going to be out-of-town or overseas.

Pay For Your Storage

Payment and Payment Options

Payment for storage is one month in advance.  (unless 6month/annual term paid in advance)

Payment options are by:

  • Automatic Payments – set up online yourself, or ask for a form
  • Internet Banking
  • Credit Card – we accept Visa and MasterCard

Fill Your Selected Unit

Once the paperwork has been completed and payment made for storage, you can fill the unit using the flatbed/hand-trolleys provided for your convenience, then simply padlock the door and keep the keys with you.

Helpful hints when filling your storage unit

Put large, heavier items of appliances and furniture in the unit first, i.e. fridge/washer/sofas, placing them towards the rear of the unit. Some tables can be dismantled, and other large items such as beds and some couches can go on the end to conserve space. Keep aside lighter and smaller stackable items such as boxes and stack on top. If you are going to need to access certain items from the unit, remember to keep them aside and put them in last so that they can be found easily when needed.

Accessing Your Unit

The storer and key-holder, or any person(s) nominated as key-holder(s) by the storer, is free to access the unit at any time during normal operating hours.

Returning From or Going Overseas?

We are a MPI approved transitional facility for sea containers.

Note: For incoming containers a devanning fee applies.

Please call us to discuss details if you will need to be loading or unloading items into or from sea containers. For your international freight forwarding needs, we can recommend World Moving and Storage, who can come onsite here and pack and arrange transportation of your items to go overseas. Please email them for information about their international removal service:


Contents’ insurance is the storer’s responsibility and most insurance companies will continue their existing cover on household effects simply by notifying them of the changed location, please check with your insurer.

Need a Removalist?

For removals Smart Express is a very pleasant and reliable operator who offers excellent service at competitive rates. You can contact them for a free quote by phoning: 09 22 22 555, or email: